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Take a deep breath... using gentle, flowing strokes swedish massage promotes general relaxation, relieves muscule tension, and improves circulation and range of movement. With your choice of gentle, medium or firm pressure, this massage is perfect for clients needing some time-out to focus on nothing else but pure relaxation.
30min  $70     60min  $105


Hot Stone 
Smooth, flat, volcanic rocks are warmed and placed on specific parts of your body to help to relax, ease tense muscles and damaged tissue. The stones are used during the massage to allow the therapist deeper access to the muscle without adding pressure. This massage is ideal to relieve clients of their aches and pains while still enjoying a relaxing experience.
75min  $145 allow 90 minutes for this appointment


Deep Tissue
Firm kneading and slow strokes focus on relaxing and lengthening deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue to promote blood flow and ease muscle ache and stiffness. Deep tissue massage can provide relief for mental stress as well as chronic pain, muscle injury and targeted problem areas. This is a therapeutic massage and may not be relaxing. Some pain after treatment is not unusual and m last a few days. This is not remedial massage and cannot be claimed with a private health fund.
30min  $80       60min  $115

Additional Add Ons

Foot _massage.jpg
hand massage.jpg

Back Scrub - an invigorating eucalypt  and peppermint sea-salt back scrub to exfoliate and polish your skin, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day.

Allow an additional 20 minutes on your appointment time

Additional to service $30

Foot & Leg Massage - give aching feet and legs the star treatment with a light cream massage to refresh and revitalise. 

Allow an additional 20 minutes on your appointment time. 

Additional to service $20


Hand & Arm Massage - using smooth strokes this light cream massage relaxes and rehydrtates tired arms and hands

Allow an additional 20 minutes on your appointment time

Additional to service $20


Scalp Massage - designed to relax the mind, reduce and stimulate circulation, a luxurious addition to your treatment.

Allow an additional 10 minutes on your appointment time

Additional to service $15

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