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Clinical-Grade Facial Treatments

We elevate skincare to skinscience by using cosmeceutical products in conjunction with cutting edge aesthetic technology to give you clinical-grade facial treatments that are the next level up in your skin care journey. They are for clients looking to achieve the best possible results without invasive or surgical treatment. Our clinical-grade facials are non-invasive, non-surgical and have no-down time. To achieve the best results, ongoing treatments are recommended over several weeks.

Carbon Facial 45 min $199

Using Q Switch Laser with liquid carbon to deep cleanse and exfoliate, rejuvenate and remove oil and congestion. Known as the Hollywood facial this treatment will leave the skin feeling deeply cleansed & vibrant.

Allow an appointment time of 60 minutes

Express LED Facial 45 min    $75

Cleanse, tailored LED treatment, hydrating serum, SPF sunscreen.

Allow a total appointment time of 60 minutes

Deluxe LED Facial 60 min     $125

Cleanse, tailored LED treatment, hydrating mask, hydrating serum, moisturiser, SPF sunscreen.

Allow a total appointment time of 80 minutes

Lumixa LED Facial 60 min     $295

Lumixa is a topical treatment used in conjunction with LED technology that provides you the benefits of Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE) by harnessing multiple wavelengths of light energy at once.

Allow a total appointment time of 80 minutes

Our MediLUX LED panel uses 1500 powerful light emitting diodes ranging from blue to green, yellow, red and near-infrared wavelengths, each targeting different specific skin concerns and penetrating through the dermis to treat conditions including acne congestion, facial redness, pigmentation, uneven tone, fine lines, wrinkles and signs of ageing, encouraging cellular renewal, reducing inflammation and collagen production.




Please Note

  • In-person bookings require a deposit of $30. Online booking requires a deposit of 40% for all services. 

  • Appointment time includes the preparation and treatment time.

  • An automated text message service advising of your appointment will be sent 48hrs prior to all appointments; a response is required to confirm.

  • No shows & late cancellation fees apply . 

All facials use super-strength professional grade Medik8 products that are available in our at-home range
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