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By Katerina

A service provided by Katerina - By appointment only

What is Brow and Eyeliner Microblading?

A pencil tool is used that is comprised of a number of small needles to create the most life like and real looking semi permanent make up. Pigments used are placed superficially in the skin and create a natural appearance and because of this the treatment is less painful and is completed faster.


Package Deal Feather Touch Brow Tattoo                                                

(Feather Touch brow tattoo plus one 4-6 week touch up)

12-18 Month Touch up

18+ Month Touch up

Package Top & Bottom Eyeliner

Top Eyeliner Microblading Tattoo

Bottom Eyeliner Microblading Tattoo







Brow Microblading also known as feathering

Eyebrow feathering is a semi permanent tattoo method that can add fullness and definition with comprising the natural look. By duplicating individual strands of hair a more realistic appearance is created. This treatment is more popular with older clients or those with a lighter complextion. It is extremely ideal for clients who may have no eyebrow hair at all, as the results look like actual eyebrow hairs rather then a stenciled on block look of the past

Eyeliner Microblading

A semi permanent tattoo method to create extremely dense lash line without comprimising a subtle look

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